Almost 115 wind farms are now protected by the Topwind Ice Prevention System. Our team is working hard to improve our services and implement new wind farms before the new season starts.

With the spotlight, our operators can check during the nights whether the blades are free of ice. This makes a quick and safe restart possible and prevents unnecessary production losses. #icepreventionsystem

These standalone Ice Alert Displays and warning signals are ready to notify residents that the wind turbines have been stopped, allowing safe access to the turbine surroundings during Preventive Ice Stops the coming winter season. #icedisplays #standalonesystem #solar #storage

Camera observation in or around your wind turbine? Contact us for more information.

Recently our team finished the installation of an Ice Prevention System on a Vestas V117 turbine in Zeebrugge.

We recently installed an Ice Prevention System on the Essers wind farm in Genk. A critical location with a lot of activity around the turbines. Our Control Room will also take over the daily wind turbine operations for Essers.

And also on this beautiful project, we are monitoring 24/7 the climate conditions and protect the surroundings for the risks of ice throw/fall.

Despite the cold weather, our team is working hard to install many Ice Prevention Systems. In 2018 they completed installations at 25 wind farms.

Busy times for our Control Room the upcoming 24 hours due to the cold weather. The first wind farms have already been preventively stopped. #iceprevention #couldweather #windturbinesafety

This week our team is installing an Ice Prevention System at Malibunar wind farm (42MW) in Serbia. In addition to safety, the system will give the operator Elicio a visual connection with the wind farm and the surrounding by using the installed network camera.

It is 10 years ago that the founder of the Ice Prevention System, Ruud Kerkhof, installed a prototype at wind farm Eemshaven. #ThrowbackThursday

Today we have launched a special Twitter page for our Topwind Systems. From here we will keep you informed about all the solutions we offer to maximize, for example, the efficiency and safety of your wind farm.