Topwind. Since 2008.

Johan Top and Ruud Kerkhof established Topwind in 2008. They met each other in 1993 when being colleagues at local turbine supplier Lagerwey, and from that period onwards served the wind industry in various capacities and multiple businesses.

Our mission.

Power in the wind changes into megawatt hours (MWh) thanks to wind turbine technology. You can only predict potential wind power yield. We know for certain how technology can positively contribute to your business case, and as such assist you in achieving the best performance and highest efficiency. This is our mission and what drives us every day again. We will support you with dedicated know-how, fresh ideas and our comprehensive in-house implementing capabilities.

Valuable experience.

Topwind has specialized in wind turbine technology. Our Systems engineers developed various dedicated systems for enhancing wind turbine performance and safety. Project Management is in all project stages involved with realizing complete windfarms and solar photovoltaic parks. Asset Management covers anything in the areas operation and maintenance, long-term upkeep and windfarm optimizing.


Johan Top

Turbine Technology
Project Management
Contract Management

Ruud Kerkhof

System Development
Turbine Technology
Asset Management

Roy Kerkhof

System Engineering
Electrical Engineering

Jeroen Smit

System Development

Herbert van Hellewegen

Field Service Engineer

Ruut Brandsma

Senior Consultant Systems

Margreet Radstaake

Office Manager

Wendy van Veldhuisen

Monique de Rooij


Mieke Top


Annelies Kerkhof

Back Office

Martin van den Bosch

Marketing & Sales

Bastiaan Piek

Sales & Marketing